Being a successful recruitment blogger


A few weeks ago I released an article on how ‘Recruiters Are Killing Off The Recruitment Industry’ and it is safe to say that this article attracted a lot of attention. In one day the article had just under 5000 views, amassed 50 shares and started some very heated conversations in the comments thread.

My previous article is a great example of how valuable and relatable content distributed through social media can reach a target audience at scale and ultimately convert an audience into prospective clients. This is something that traditional tools used in recruitment/sales (such as the telephone) does not have the power to facilitate.

There is a sea of content out there, most of it ‘transactional’ in its nature and seeking immediate gratification. To build your brand and become notable in your chosen field, 80% of the content that you create and distribute needs to be providing value and the remaining 20% of the content can be transactional.

If you are providing valuable content that resonates with people via your social media, you will build a community of engaged professionals (which will act as a talent pool and client base), you will become notable for being a thought leader in a certain space and people will seek your expertise in solving their talent acquisition problems.

So what constitutes valuable content and how do you create it?

1. Focus on insight

The most engaging content in the professional world is content that discusses industry insights and that is because most people in the professional world want career success, they want to be better at what they do and insight in many ways enables people to have a competitive edge. Insight can mean many things, it could mean sharing the latest news on industry changes, it could mean sharing ‘how to’ guides bespoke to the discipline that you recruit for and it could mean sharing your thoughts and ideas on what the future of the industry holds. By being insightful you immediately build credibility with hiring managers and candidates alike.

2. Be opinionated

The majority of content that is distributed by many recruiters and recruitment brands tends to be very unbiased and middle of the road content which aims to appeal to all readers. The problem with this kind of content is that it does not inspire a debate and therefore does not attract attention. Think about the posts that you tend to engage with online, they are posts that you either agree with so much so that you are inspired to comment explaining how much you agree with the writer. Alternatively, you engage with posts that ruffle your feathers and likewise you comment to debate the opinion of the writer. When people are debating this attracts attention, attention means notoriety and notoriety will lead to business.

3. Be consistent

Most recruiters will write a blog, distribute it and then hang up their ‘writing hat’ for six months until their marketing director hassles them to write another one. Writing one blog every six months will not build notoriety, even if the blog is successful. The only way to build your notoriety in the online marketplace is to be consistent with your online activity. It is easy to become disheartened when some of your blogs do not reach the critical mass that you was expecting, however, the more consistent you are the more opportunities you create for your content to scale.

Realistically speaking the majority of your content when you are first starting out will not scale, however when you begin to find your own voice, unique style and when you are insightful and consistent – you will attract followers and build a community around you.