SThree growth prompts office expansion in Hong Kong


SThree – A couple of days ago, our Hong Kong team moved into a brand new office! Our local team from SThree brand Huxley are now renting a space from ‘WeWork’ which includes modern, private offices featuring beautiful glass walls – maintaining privacy without sacrificing transparency or natural light.

This work space is designed for everyone, having a distinct aesthetic and vibe but also inspiring our team, clients and candidates when being around the office.

Hong Kong Office

What our employees think of the new office

Donal Gray, one of our local Recruitment Consultants, is also full of praise for his new workspace, “I like the environment, the fact that there are free beverages and that the office looks pretty cool. The location is really handy too. Altogether, I think it’s a great change and believe there’s good ‘feng shui’ which means the business will flourish.”

Arrigo Tse and Shruti Shah who both started with us as interns and recently moved up to be full time consultants said, “We think it’s a good move given the fact that we will be sitting closer to one another. The interactive element of ‘WeWork’ and the number of events and activities available will motivate us even further. The new space can also be used for quality breaks during work. We are so excited to work here in our new office!”

Free refreshments, ‘Lunch + Learns’, networking and more

With an array of amenities provided, our team is now better equipped and can be proud of their new office space. Free refreshments that include micro-roasted coffee, tea, fruit water and beer will be available too. Besides a spacious communal space, our employees can use phone booths for private calls or video conferences.

As part of the communal space, our team can get involved in ‘Lunch + Learns’ where one member gets to share a catered lunch while their colleagues provide tips and insights into their field of expertise. You can also expand your professional circle thanks to the hundreds of networking events that are held at ‘WeWork’.

“We want to stay ahead of the competition and provide our employees with everything they need to excel at their jobs every day. This innovative office concept embodies all the good in networking and community collaboration. I am excited that our Huxley team is leading the recruitment industry into the future of doing business in Hong Kong,” says Angela Ward, Regional Director of Asia who is based in our Hong Kong office.

If you would like to learn more about our exciting move and the team in Hong Kong, please contact Aditi Singh, our regional Talent Acquisition Specialist, at; or browse our most recent career opportunities in Hong Kong.

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