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How Mark Li formed Randstad’s cutting-edge, award-winning Client Solutions team


Mark Li talks about his personal journey from the Banking desk to head of Randstad’s cutting-edge client solutions team. Mark’s team has been recognised country-wide for their efforts in this space, earning Randstad the title of Best Client Service at the Asia Recruitment Awards.

Hello, Mark! You started out as a Team Leader for the banking desk at Randstad in 2013, and now you’re part of the Client Solutions team. How did this transition come about?

I’ve always enjoyed working directly with clients, and business strategy has also always been something of great interest to me. I envisioned taking on a role where I could contribute to both aspects. The departure of a previous client solutions leader allowed me to step up into the role. Without any real frameworks or playbooks to start from, it was certainly a very daunting task. Coming from a Team Leader role, I quickly realised that the Client Solutions team required a very different style of leadership with a group of highly intelligent and strategic individuals.

How has the Randstad Singapore team reaped the rewards from the Client Solutions team?

The team has quickly become responsible for a substantial amount of the revenue brought in by the business. We’re experiencing stronger and longer relationships with clients along with increased retention. This came from a clear sales strategy, spearheading initiatives and bringing together the right people to approach clients.

Can you see this becoming an emerging trend within the recruitment sector in Singapore?

Yes, we do see more professional recruitment companies jumping on the bandwagon. A dedicated function to focus on sales strategy and business development is able to bring many benefits, not only from a revenue perspective, but also allows the operational teams to focus purely on recruitment.

Can you tell us about the implementation of the Sales Charter Framework?

When I came onboard, the business lacked focus when approaching clients; any initiative undertaken was an ad-hoc project. It was clear that the business needed a framework to support the whole organisation and allow them to leverage the Client Solutions team in their business development efforts. The Sales Charter Framework aimed to achieve this by guiding consultants through the identification, engagement and evaluation of client relationships. It wasn’t perfect at launch, but with consistent feedback and support from the business, the Sales Charter Framework is now of great value to Randstad.

Has the Randstad Client Solutions team been recognised for their services?

As a team, we’re really proud with what we’ve achieved for the business. Internally, we are recognised for our contribution and the business wholly supports the system we have set in place. Externally, the growing relationships with our clients and quantifiable business results have led us to be recognised at the Asia Recruitment Awards this year with a Gold win for Best Client Service.

How does the Client Solutions team let off steam?

We are bona fide foodies and like to indulge in whisky appreciation nights from time to time! We try to not let this impact our waistlines…too much! We also partake in team sports and often head out to play football in some friendly matches.

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