Feeling deserted? Try working in the desert!


This story sounds all too familiar, regardless of your skill set or career history: you go to a meeting expecting to have your suggestions listened to and discuss how to move forward altogether as a team. Instead, the team ignore your ideas and make you feel left out of future plans. You leave feeling deflated and concerned about whether your employer truly realises your value.

Being in a job that isn’t giving you what you need can be soul destroying. In fact, renowned American psychologist, Abraham Maslow, ranked ‘self-actualization’ at the pinnacle of his human hierarchy of needs. Maslow described this as the desire to accomplish everything that one can, and to become the most that one can be. Feeling as if there is a limitation on your achievements can leave you feeling dejected, lost and deserted!

This, I believe, is the real diagnosis for why so many Motor Trade candidates come to an agency. They can’t quite put their finger on what drove them to us, but know they need a change.

Over the last 10 years of working in recruitment, I’ve heard this story told a thousand different ways by a thousand different candidates. Mostly by highly experienced, talented people who are ready to call time on their current role.

Well, a change is as good as a rest.

We have now begun operations in the UAE, and one thing I’ve found from speaking to the senior managers in this area is that all of them seem genuinely enthused by their work-life balance. And if this increase in work satisfaction leads to higher motivation levels, then surely this has got to result in increased productivity!

With the average person spending a third of their life at work, why would you want to spend it being unhappy?

One lady I spoke to worked in the UAE for a couple of years and returned back home to the UK. However, within 3 months she wanted back and she’s been in the UAE (on her second stint) for over 6 years now!

The opportunities are boundless in the UAE; all of the major manufacturers are represented, there is a relaxed and a sociable outlook on work-life balance and some truly amazing cities to live in. It’s got to be better than drizzle and career plodding, right?!

If your career has reached the stage where you are ready to explore the opportunities in the UAE, why not give us a call and let’s talk about the prospects that lie ahead for you.

Contributed by Jimi Matthews, Director of Business Development, Perfect Placement UK.

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