Tips to ace your online video job interview


Nowadays, video interviews are common, and some employers might also request that you send a video to introduce yourself together with your curriculum vitae. But if you are doing it for the first time, here are some great tips for you to ensure a roaring start to your job interview!

Determine suitable programs to use

If you have a few choices to choose from like your Desktop PC or laptop, Smartphone or a video recording device (if employers ask for a video introduction), always ensure to choose the most reliable one. For example, if your Desktop PC is located at a part of your house where it shows a lot of interior of the house or even facing a perhaps a messy area or if the sunlight is shining directly in that particular direction, it is evident the lighting would not be good or even show professionalism.

Test the device you chose

Before joining any online video interview, ensure that you do at least twice or even thrice to make sure that everything such as the lighting, camera, sound and connection is working perfectly fine and consistent.

Select the best location

If you are choosing to use portable devices, then you will need to find a place to conduct the online video interview. An ideal location should be a room where it is quiet so that sound can be projected clearly and not cluttered with a mess. You would not want your potential employer to see unprofessionalism. Also, adequate lighting and ensure that the camera can video you from the waist up and not only your face. There shouldn’t be any optical interference too.

Set a Plan B

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances happen, and you need to be prepared for such situations. One way is that make sure you have a standby device that will be ready to connect at any point in time if the current device connection breaks.

Do a trial run

Keep in mind that practice makes perfect. Before joining a real-time video job interview, ask a friend to help you do a trial run first to fix any impending issues your device or the connection might have.

Prepare yourself

Last but not least, do prepare yourself by researching information about the company and practice answering some common questions. Be impressive and confident!

Article contributed by TBC HR Consulting‘s Team.

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