A day in the life of a recruiter at Michael Page, Indonesia

Frances Taslim speaks to Smart Recruitment News on her dynamic day in the life of a recruiter in Jakarta.


The SRN editorial team recently sat down with Frances Taslim, a Manager at Michael Page based in Jakarta. We wanted to find out about a typical working day for her, and how working in Indonesia compares with other markets. Here is what she had to say.

What sectors do you cover?

I was previously with the finance recruitment team. At the beginning of January 2016, I moved to cover the healthcare, life sciences, procurement and supply chain divisions.

What time does your day start and finish?

We usually start at 9:00AM and the day ends around 6:30-7:00PM.

Do your days all follow the same structure?

Not at all. As a manager, we must know how to manage our own time and team efficiently. There will be days where you spend more time outside meeting with clients. Jakarta is big and often congested with traffic, therefore we tend to have several meetings in one area. There are other days where I am in the office mentoring junior recruiters and also interviewing candidates.

How many clients do you meet in a week?

Ideally we handle 3 to 4 client meeting per week.

Which days of the week/months are your busiest? Which are the least busy?

We tend to be very busy in the weeks leading up to public holidays as most people travel a lot. In 2016, I would say the busiest time was in the middle of the year during Lebaran. Most candidates typically wait for the festive bonus to be given out a week before Lebaran. In the meantime, they often start looking out for new roles and going for interviews. This would ready them for a new position once they are back from the break. The last 2 weeks of December are typically less busy as most people travel out of Jakarta.

What is your favourite part of the day?

Around midday, as I feel most productive. We usually have team meetings in the morning and I will start meeting with candidates around 4:00PM onwards.

Is it lunch in town or a sandwich at the desk?

Sandwich at the desk!

How best describes your work space?

We have broken down all of the office cubicles and it heightens our senses completely. We are always very aware of what is going on – when people are on the phone, when someone is having a bad day or on a terrific roll.

How is a recruiter’s day in Jakarta different from e.g. Singapore?

In Jakarta, business relationships and networking are both very important. As a recruiter, candidates are usually more receptive if you communicate outside work over coffee or lunch. Therefore, bringing them out just for a simple meeting is very useful.  We are able to get a lot of insights faster than anyone else. Secondly, the hiring process in Jakarta is a little bit more complicated and longer compared to anywhere else. This is because most of the companies have regional offices in Singapore.

When and where do you usually meet your candidates?

We have just moved into a swanky new office. I like to invite them in and give them a grand tour.

How do you plan your social media activities into your schedule?

I usually spend around 20 minutes at night when I am home sorting out my social media activities.

How much training do you attend each month?

Training is typically monthly. I receive training from my management and I give training to the junior consultants as well.

Do the team socialise after hours?

Yes, we do. A good part of the Michael Page Indonesia office will spend time socialising, eating, drinking, working out and watching movies together. Some of us have already made best friends here.

What is the dress code and do you have a dress-down day?

Our dress code is smart and neat. We have dress down days when it’s a business development themed day just to make things more interesting!


To find out more about Michael Page in Indonesia, visit their website: https://www.michaelpage.co.id/