Meet Peggy Koh, a recruiter at Adecco Singapore


Ever wondered what it’s like to be part of the Adecco Singapore team? Peggy Koh, Team Leader of the Banking division, gives us an exclusive look inside the issues affecting the sector and advice for expat job seekers.

1. Seeing as Singapore is a regional hub for several companies in the Banking & Finance sector, do you recruit positions for your clients in any other countries across SEA?

We have a strong APAC regional footprint – the Adecco Group brand has strong operations and presence in 15 countries within APAC. While each country/market is responsible for its own hiring needs, we do share and connect our clients with our colleagues in the other SEA markets, should there be hiring and service requirements within the region.

2. Singapore has faced tougher compliance and regulations within the banking sector in recent months. Has this created more demand for particular positions?

Demand is high for Operational or Project-related roles within the Compliance space. Some examples of roles in demand include FATCA Remediation Analyst, AML Analyst and Regulatory Change positions.

Businesses now operate in more complex and volatile environments. Some businesses, besides banking and finance, do look into a division to focus on compliance for domestic and regional markets.

3. There are lots of multinational recruitment companies operating within the Singapore market. What gives Adecco the edge over other agencies?

That is true – there are a lots of MNC recruitment companies in Singapore. We are differentiated by our culture, the way we work and the DNA of our consultants. Our wide range of workforce solutions also provide our clients with tailored solutions which meet their needs and scalability to grow with their businesses.

4. For an expat job seeker, how important would you say it is to have prior experience on the ground in Singapore when it comes to landing a job?

I would say it is more advantageous if one has prior experience in Singapore. That said, it also depends on the requirements and/or seniority of the roles. Often, the selection is skill-based.

5. We noticed that you studied in Kuala Lumpur. Did you grow up there? How does it compare to the lifestyle in Singapore?

I am Malaysian and completed my studies in Kuala Lumpur. Singapore is home to a variety of cultures from different parts of the world; it offers lifestyle that mixes quality with diversity.

6. And finally, what are your plans for the festive period this year?

I will be giving back to society by exercising! Adecco initiated a global programme, Win4Youth, in 2010 to help families from disadvantaged communities. Adecco Group supports nine children and youth foundations around the world as part of the programme. Colleagues worldwide will cycle, run or swim to record kilometres which will translate into donations towards the nine foundations we support.

As I am also part of a sub-group Adecco APAC cycling team, I will usually hop on the saddle of my bicycle to clock more mileage which goes back to society.

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